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  • About Me: ABout me...umm..well, I am simple and complicated, easy going and a pain in the ass, a lover and a fighter, and a fan of all things beautiful without effort.

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  • In the ICU at Hershey med center, my three year old Luka is sick from type 1 diabetes, so that said, we're going to miss out on our long awaited trip tp Philadelphia to see and hear James perform.. Waited so long, hopefully he will come again soon.. Surely he's worth the wait! It's such a bummer, but I'm where I should be. Best all! d Comments
  • I am BEYOND out of my mind over the fact that I just got tickets to finally see James perform live in Philadelphia in May!!! So thankful for the opportunity, so greatful he's comin to the states!! Should be a night of positive energy, great soul, and music at it's absolute raw best! I look forward to it! d Comments